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Formed in 1922, San Fairy Ann Cycling Club is based in central Kent and is one of the longest serving clubs catering for cyclists of all ages and levels. If racing or a clubrun is what you are looking for then come and visit us and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.


The health and safety of the club members during the last four months has been the overriding priority of the board and, although the threat of COVID 19 appears to have reduced in this area, undoubtedly it still gives great cause for concern.

However, the board has taken the decision that, as a Club, we must attempt to move forward and now believe that it is an appropriate time to sanction club rides again, strictly conforming to the current Government regulations, medical and scientific guidelines.

Therefore, from Saturday the 8th of August, it is with great pleasure the board sanctions the commencement of SFACC rides again.
However, the club has a mandatory obligation to remind members who wish to commence club rides again, that they must follow the guidelines to comply with the Government and British Cycling regulations at all times, otherwise there is a serious risk that the club’s insurance policy may be affected and become void.

Official information changes very quickly with COVID 19 and the board retains the option to suspend rides again should the threat of the virus increase.
All members are asked to keep themselves fully conversant with current rules.

Unfortunately, there will be burdens placed upon coordinators and leaders to ensure that their rides are in compliance with pre planned risk assessments and best practices as per BC policy. 

Prior to any ride commencement, leaders are required to record the details of all participants, for possible track and trace purposes, and be confident that they are able to implement the maximum number of riders in a “bubble group”. Additional leaders may be necessary for greater attendee numbers.
A suggestion of staggered starts may be appropriate with such numbers.
To assist the smooth implementation, anyone wishing to join a ride must contact the coordinator in advance, via their usual information system, and not turn up unannounced.
It is asked that coordinators resume forthcoming ride entries on their website group calendar as in the past.
It may be that some coordinators are reluctant to recommence their function with their group at this time, and that opinion is to be respected.

Participants must adhere to the current social distancing guidelines at all times as well as for personal safety, but also out of respect for other riders
Possession of face masks and sanitizers is advised should they be required during the ride.

Any mandatory requirements given by the board should not be seen as prescriptive, and it is fully acknowledged that our members are committed to safe and healthy riding at all times, especially with the restrictions forced upon us all presently.

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone for your patience and understanding during this very challenging and uncertain period, and it will be so very good to see riders proudly adorning their San Fairy Ann kit again.

On behalf of the board,

Richard Valentine
Club Rides Secretary.

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