10/11/2016 17:35 | Anonymous member

Report from Pat Hill at the KCA Annual Awards:

Paul  Mepham our Toastmaster began as usual by announcing the results of the Reliability Trial in reverse order. He had received a record 549 entries this year and when he said that a record number of over 70 riders had entered the 100 mile category, my heart sank, even though I knew we had 108 entries overall. 

However as Paul chatted on and reached the last 4 clubs, I began to relax. 

The Ashford Roads were 4th with 107 points (lots of successful 100 milers), next were the Southborough with 109 (great for them) and we all waited with bated breath, then heard that the Thanet were 2nd with 119 points, leaving us first with a massive 150 points.  

Shouts of jubilation went up and I again received the Trophy from Paul on behalf of all who rode for our Club, to win this small but much loved Rootes Cup. It is the oldest cup in our KCA cupboard but attracts so much interest. 

One problem are the crowds at the Claygate start and Paul is addressing that for next year.


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