As the name suggests this takes place on tracks, or to use the modern expression, velodromes. Most of the early tracks were outdoor concrete ovals, usually 440 yards making 4 laps to a mile. There were a few smaller indoor tracks and many sports meetings included grass track racing. 

Manchester Velodrome opened in 1994, the first of the modern 250 metre lap design in the UK, being followed by Newport in 2003 then London and Edinburgh in 2012. 

The races range from 1,000 metre sprints to endurance events up to 35km, some ridden individually, others in teams. 

The bikes used are very basic having no brakes or gears, just a single fixed wheel (and are never called fixies!).

The Olympic Velodrome at Lee Valley now provides the opportunity to experience riding on a track and taking part in racing. Full details HERE  


The extensive TV coverage of this from of racing at the Olympics and World Championships makes a more detailed explanation superfluous but perhaps an overview at club level will be of interest. 

The club almost certainly took part in track racing in its early years but it was not until 1953 that the current Track Championship was established. This consisted of a one day meeting, initially using grass tracks but then going to the outdoor track at Herne Hill.

This photo from 1977 gives an idea of its popularity but for various reasons there have been no meetings since 2009. However, parties of members organised visits to Newport Velodrome and a small indoor circuit at Calshott, near Southampton.


A number of club members have completed this and can now race at any of the velodromes.

In the August - September 2015 copy of Milestone (the Club magazine) Andy Taylor-Vebel has written a detailed account of his experience of the accreditation process entitled 'Get on Track'. 

Click on the image to read the article which features on page 22.


Roly Crayford has been riding World and National Masters Championships for quite a few years, travelling as far as Australia in a successful quest for medals.

Roly’s haul of World Masters Track medals to date is 3 gold, 29 silver and 4 bronze, plus another 7 golds and a silver in the National Championships. He also has gold medals from the World Masters Games and European Games where he set a world record. 

Geoff Wiles (left) with Roly Crayford

Another successful Masters rider is Geoff Wiles. 

In the years 2014-15 he has won 2 gold, 2 silver and one bronze medal at the World Masters Track Championships. In National Championships over the same period he has 6 Road Race gold medals and 13 Track golds.

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