As a club, we organise and take part in almost every form of cycling: racing, touring, off-road, long distance and social riding. We also organise a range of social activities off the bikes which will, from time to time, be posted in our 'Events' section.
We have our own racing team 'SFA Racing Team' separately sponsored by Abellio and supported by the main club together with Cycles UK Maidstone.
A comprehensive number of 'Group' rides cater for all abilities. Please visit the 'Groups' section for more information.

In addition to purely club activities, we are also heavily involved in the Kent Cycling Association, Cycling Time Trials, British Cycling, the Veterans Time Trial Association and Audax UK.


If you come and join one of our Saturday, Sunday or mid-week rides the other riders will make you feel very welcome. 

If you are at all apprehensive or not very experienced, there will be plenty of encouragement and advice, but in order to avoid any disappointment, we suggest that you choose one group below the one that you would like to ride with. 
We would like to know that you are coming, so please contact the Club Coordinator of the Group that you wish to ride with, so that you can find out more about the rides that they lead. 

You are welcome to ride with us for a maximum of three times before deciding whether or not to join the club.


In case of any accidents arising, please bring your “ICE DETAILS” - that is your “In case of emergency contact details” which would include your full name and your emergency contacts name and their telephone number. This can be in the form of an “ICE CARD” or simply written on a piece of paper so that it can be given to the ride leader on the day - it will be returned to you on completion of the ride. 


There are special requirements for unaccompanied riders under 18 and they will additionally need to bring a fully completed “Parent/Guardian Consent Form”, which can be downloaded from the “Members” section on the website. The form gives details of what support is required by parents on the day, before they can join one of our club rides and will need to be given to the ride leader with the aforementioned “ICE DETAILS” - both of which will be returned on completion of the ride.


Please note that no rider under 12 years of age can be accepted on one of our club rides. 

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