Saturday 23rd November Staplehurst to Rolvenden

02/12/2019 12:58 | Anonymous member

Report by Linton Schwarz

Expected rain or not, the weather-hardened B+ elite rode out of Staplehurst town to Rolvenden regardless. Colin and Angela complimented the group making 16 in total. So due south we went, to Lilly’s Café in Rolvenden, chosen for two main reasons. One, the best full English west of Ashford. Two, the best selection of kid’s toy vehicles anywhere! Just too good an opportunity to miss… Oh yes, there was plenty of time to enjoy the scenery too. Poor old Pete ‘the puncture’ Searle had three, scattered thoughtfully across the whole ride, giving some of us time to have a breather. A distance of 33 miles at 13mph average, and just over 1,800ft of ascent.

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