Reports submitted by the B+ Group ride leaders. 

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  • 20/04/2019 17:30 | Anonymous member

    A stunning April day greeted the 10 riders at Headcorn. Jonathan's garmin was having an off day so we ended up reversing the planned route but no one seemed too bothered given the fantastic scenery and weather. Things were going ok at first but we soon began to challenge the most u turns in a ride and Linton's mapping skills were called in. We managed to circumnavigate the road works on the A20 near Sevington but then started the inward route home, and in the process bypassed the cafe stop. This was soon realised and after another quick u turn we were heading down the A20 to the Blue & White cafe at Smeeth.

    The route home was less hazardous, passing through Wye and the traditional route to Charing via Westwell. Everyone kept up a good pace with a helping breeze on the way home. About 47 miles were covered, at an average speed of 13.8 mph and 1700ft of climbing.

  • 13/04/2019 16:53 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A full turnout at Aylesford for the E, D, D+ and B+ groups.  11 elected to join Russell on what started as a sunny morning but soon became a very cold and wet, with strong headwinds and sleet, ride out to Rochester and Upnor.  An assault course of closed roads found us at Hoo and from then on a pleasant sunny ride to the Stokes, Cooling and our stop at Buckland Lakes, Cliffe.  Some new lanes took us to Shorne and then the delight of descending Cobhambury Road before the ferocious traffic of the A228 to Halling.  Back through Leybourne and New Hythe meeting the challenge of the blocked road at Millhall.  43.3 miles, 2100 feet of ascent at a modest 12.4 mph reflecting the challenges of multiple assault courses.

    Route on Strava

  • 10/04/2019 07:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We welcomed new riders to B+ among the 12 who gathered on a dry day at the K&Q for a scheduled hilly ride to our National Trust stop at Chartwell.  Out via Offham and Crouch before Ightham Common to skirt Knole Park.  Across the top of the ridge and not venturing down Yorkshill or Ide Hill we crossed Goathurst Common to the village of Ide Hill.  A sharp left and a tricky climb at Emmetts before taking a left at the top of Toy's Hill.  The start of the great descent before a sharp right for our photo stop at Toy's Hill.  Then it was Puddledock Lane and a good climb to Chartwell which was heaving with visitors out on a sunny spring day.  Refreshed by cream teas we were straight back into a climb with some very audible groans.  Then downhill to Seal for a much used route to the Pilgrims Way following it to Otford.  Returning by Birling and Wrotham having covered 46 miles with 3700 feet of ascent.

    Route on Strava

  • 09/04/2019 21:12 | Anonymous member

    A damp and chilly start for the 7 riders but this was soon forgotten as we climbed immediately to Brenchley. The first half of the ride was full of lumps passing through Goudhurst and Rolvenden on our way to Suzi's Kitchen in Tenterden. 

    Suzi gave us a warm welcome and was in good spirits despite the thought of running the London Marathon in a couple of weeks. She took quite a liking to our group coordinator's curls after removing his helmet - clearly easily pleased.

    The route home was flat in comparison so the average speed picked up and we returned to base with overall figures of 44 miles, av speed 14mph and 2300ft of ascending. There were no punctures or mechanical issues.

  • 26/03/2019 08:55 | Anonymous member

    Given it was the 97th Birthday Lunch the BM Village Hall was swelling with riders. Brian & Jonathan decided to organise an impromptu B+ ride and we were joined by 5 other riders including a new rider Phil. With a 1pm lunch deadline we set off at a fair lick and unusually, to save a bit of time, we headed straight down the A274 to Headcorn with Brian and Phil powering ahead.

    At Headcorn we took the back road via Smarden and on to Bethersden. On entering the village Jonathan looked for the community cafe he had promised the group - slight problem in that he had confused Bethersden with Beneden. No major harm down as the Greenways garden centre was just round the corner. A shorter stop than usual, we were soon heading back to Headcorn via the delightful Wissenden Lane and from there we zig-zagged our way back through Hawkenbury, climbing Wierton Hill and back to our starting point, only arriving an acceptable 5 mins late which was a good effort given the profile of the second half of the ride. My stats were 15.1 mph average speed, 33 miles covered, with 1,125ft of ascent.

  • 06/03/2019 16:57 | Anonymous member

    An overcast start from Wrotham with a group of six including Josh who decided to join us rather go with his dad who was leading another group from the same start point. We headed out along the Pilgrims Way to Kemsing and across the A25 at Seal. Dropping down the hill past Ightham Mote and a loop through Leigh we arrived at our café stop at Hilden Park golf centre.  Ahead of us in the queue were a group of mud splattered fast Inters who had arrived from Marden.  Also in the café were a large number of Kent Velo girls and boys who seem to use it as their HQ and appeared to receive preferential treatment as all our drinks and food arrived at very erratic intervals. Tony remained very calm despite receiving his eggs benedict long after everyone else ! In fairness the one cook was hit with a large influx of cyclists (not one golfer in sight). Return was via Shipbourne and as the day warmed up so did we on the long grind up Hamptons Lane to Crouch which offered nice views across the valley.  A last leg through Ightham to Wrotham where the D groups had also just returned. A distance 0f 35 miles at an average of 13,8 mph,

  • 24/02/2019 17:55 | Anonymous member

    Tony Palmer led this ride, from Staplehurst to Reading Street, out on a bright sunny morning without a cloud in the sky. Colin and Ang opted, without coercion, to ride with the B+ Group, rather than G+ Group, swelling the usual number of B+ riders to eight. Tony’s route ensured that the biggest hill climb was out of the way early on by going straight up Colliers Green Road to cross the A262; however, the road closure en route meant that bikes had to be carried for 30 metres. Despite a slight headwind and Tony still grappling (overheard talking to the device) with the functionalities and idiosyncrasies of his Garmin 820 the group arrived at the Tenterden Garden Centre café in time to beat the shoppers’ lunchtime snack dash. Tony Wells and Adrian somehow munched their way through massive sides of ham, accompanied with eggs and chips, while others drank even more tea. This opportunity also gave time to Gary and Tony to fathom how to make imported routes more legible and usable on a Garmin.

    The return route via High Halden provided the perfect setting, with crocus surrounding an old oak on the Green opposite the Chequers Inn, for the customary group snap. Tony’s grasp of his Garmin improved significantly as he navigated his way through the narrow lanes around Haffenden Quarter. These little used lanes were full of silt and pot holes, one of which was found by Tony Wells. Hindered by a bent rear derailleur hanger and a small hole in his prized jersey Tony limped home with a wide smile on his face. A distance of 42.7 miles at 14.3mph average with an elevation gain of 1,797 feet.

  • 18/02/2019 18:31 | Anonymous member

    Tony Palmer led seven riders out from East Malling in a Westerly direction with the promise of a lumpy route to Four Elms and a flatter return. The sun had been out most of the week; however, the group endured a total grey out all day. Undeterred, the group made good progress through the mist and damp conditions. Little Phil peeled off at Knole Park in order to get home early to enjoy (right word?) his fortnightly fix of Gill's football extravaganza. Tony elected not to exploit the panoramic photo opportunity, or lack of it, at Ide Hill and continued down straight down Ide Hill, so that Paul's request for an Americano could be met promptly.  Suitably nourished at the Elms Cafe, with its interesting objet D' art, the group made good progress on the return route to arrive back on time (for once). A distance of 41 miles at 13.4 mph average with an elevation gain of 2,894 feet.

  • 11/02/2019 08:42 | Anonymous member

    Seven riders left the car park on a bright but still very breezy morning following Storm Erik the day before. A welcome to Julian on his first B+ ride. We were not out of the park's grounds when we encountered our first 'lake' of the day....not the only time our tyres disappeared beneath us on the ride. The route took us past Langley, down Ulcombe Hill and into the glorious farmland around Smarden. It was here we met the full force of the gusty westerly wind and it was quite a struggle at times, without a 'windbreaker' up front. Unfortunately, Richard Byatt had a nasty spill on the Biddenden Road. He and Keith had become detached from the other 5 rides and opposite Woodlands Park he came a cropper through a combination of the wind and crumbling road. Eventually we all met up at Silcocks Farm cafe, with Richard nursing 2 layers of torn clothing and a grazed shoulder. His sense of humour was still in tact although worryingly he counted 12 riders when we left the cafe. A special mention to Gary and Keith who patched up Richard's badly abrased front tyre.

    The route back benefitted from more interludes of a following wind. We navigated our way through the flattish roads of Biddenden, Frittenden and Headcorn before the slog up Wierton Hill. From there we zigzagged our way back to Mote Park trying to avoid the A229. The ride ended in unceremonious fashion as we had to carry out bikes around the works going on between the rugby ground and the car park. Quite damaging to the average speed. 

    We covered 42.5 miles at an average of 12.3mph and 2,200 ft of climbing. I should also mention I counted Tony yell lake, water, river, puddle, hole etc at least 150 times!

  • 27/01/2019 18:17 | Anonymous member

    An unusually mild January day greeted five riders out to venture from Chestnut Street along the North Kent Coast to Tankerton. Tony Palmer led the group on the sunny morning taking the customary route through Rodmersham, Bapchild and Teynham but missed a right turn to end up at Conyer Quay. Retracing their steps, the group made excellent progress through Oare, Faversham and Seasalter, to reach the café on Tankerton Cliff just before the lunch time rush. Tony thought that he would attempt a different route back which avoided Faversham. When he noticed a sign showing Canterbury 2 miles away it became obvious that something was awry. Another right turn had been missed and the scrutiny of a map was necessary to get the group heading back in a Westerly direction. Tony managed, somehow, to get back on a road, near Dargate, that was vaguely familiar to him. As Richard Byatt reflected, “We never knew where we were but wherever it was, it was very pleasant”. Nevertheless, this unplanned return ride was all recorded on Strava and Tony can put his errors down to personal experience, or lack of it! A distance of 54.3 miles at an average of 13.1 mph with elevation gain of 2,804 feet.

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