A ride out from Chestnut St onto the Island. 14/10/20.

14/10/2020 19:37 | Anonymous member

Only 8 started off from Chestnut Streeet,in 2  equal bubbles,with Jonathan and Richard leading and going off in completely opposite directions,but coincidentally meeting up briefly at the  Kingsferry Bridge,as it was up to allow a barge through.. Starting off again,Jonathan tried a new route by trying to go through the Nature Reserve,but the Warden turned them back due to disruption of nesting birds. At Barton’s Point,Richard’s group decided to stop there for their break,and again by  coincidence,Jonathan’s Group just happened to see them,so joined for lunch.Sitting outside in the sun and out of the brisk wind was most pleasant. The return was wonderfully wind assisted,and the use of the new cycle path,away from the main road was really appreciated . Both groups took a similar route back without incident.A distance of 31.5 miles at 12.5 mph .


  • 15/10/2020 19:17 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Thanks for the report Richard. It was a funny ride. Nothing really went to plan but actually it turned out perfectly!
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