A Halloween ride to Sheppey. 31/10/18

31/10/2018 18:22 | Anonymous member

A very clear morning,and 18riders started off from Chestnut Street with Tony Munn leading ,intending to head to Sheppey.Unfortunately,early on Tony’s front tyre went off with a bang,and he decided to call it a day,and with great buddy Gary,they cycled the short distance back to the start.Thankyou Gary.Richard then took over ,and set off for Queenborough.On arrival The Klondike cafe was being bulldozed for a new housing estate,but the leader had an idea that it had located to Halfway,so they headed there and enjoyed  the much improved cafe.Getting out again,taking the cycle path to Barton Point and a glimpse of the Thames at Minster Leas,before heading inland. Due to an accident elsewhere on the Island,the traffic was horrendous,but fortunately the joys of cycling helped the riders through quicker than motorists.The remaining route via Iwade was uneventful until the end,when it was found that 3 riders cars had sustained wing mirror damage,allegedly caused by a speeding young motorist. A distance of 33 Miles at about 13 mph average.

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