Ride around Romney marsh

29/08/2018 17:11 | Anonymous member

There are three clichés to describe todays ride WET, WET, WET. Eight brave souls left Ham Street in slight drizzle for a tour of the Marsh via Dymchurch, Dungeness and Rye. When we reached the sea wall near Dymchurch the drizzle had become a downpour. As we sheltered under a bus stop in Dymchurch we watched miniature Niagara falls pouring off guttering. Continuing our ride and guided by the flashing lights and foghorn of the Dungeness lighthouse we found the Railway café at Dungeness. After several hot drinks supplemented by curry chips, hot pies and anything else hot, along with frequent visits to the loo to use the hot air dryer a decision was made to shorten the ride. After convincing the staff that we were not incontinent, great pools of water under our table, we headed home via Lydd, Brenzett and Ivychurch to a dry Ham Street!!!! 39 miles average speed 13.2 mph





  • 29/08/2018 19:36 | Anonymous member
    Mad dogs and English men comes to mind! Still it was a lovely ride ,despite the puddles soaking wet clothes and cold fingers .And it is still allegedly summer ! Thankyou Tony.
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    • 29/08/2018 21:49 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      I was prepared to add a comment that I was sorry to have missed the ride - now I am not so sure. P.S. A lovely dry and sunny day in Barmouth :-)
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  • 30/08/2018 17:07 | Anonymous member
    We must be mad! Even though it was still raining, riding into the headwind on the way back did its best to dry us out.
    I'm glad I brought a change of clothes, plus heated car seats do wonders for warming you up on the way home.
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