Russell leads again, ride from Chestnut St to Seasalter 8/8/18

08/08/2018 17:08 | Anonymous member

For the second week running,Russell  valiantly offered to lead,and on a cooler morning than of recent weeks started off from Chestnut Street with a group of 14. With the wind behind,Russ took the group out to Seasalter,via Borden,Tunstall and the lovely lanes through Kingsdown to Ospringe.Initially the intention was to stop in Faversham, but in order to get a few more miles in before the break,Russ continued out to Seasalter.Sitting outside the Forget Me Not cafe was most pleasant and service efficient.After the delight of wind assisted outward bound,it was back into it on the return ,which took the group into Faversham and onto the Lower Road towards Teynham,with a diversionary loop through Luddenham. At Teynham,Russ peeled off along the A2 ,in order to get home earlier,and the rest of the riders made their return via Rodmersham,and then retraced the ride again through Tunstall to Borden.,where an insect managed to sting Ray through his helmet,and Chris M and Brigitte left to cycle back to the Maidstone area .It was then .a quick dash down from Borden  to Chestnut Street. A distance of 38.5  miles at about 13 mph average


  • 08/08/2018 19:52 | Anonymous member
    A good ride no doubt. I have not been slacking down on the Marsh and have had two fair rides with the eldest two grandsons, the younger one, ten years old is a born cyclist and although I didn't admit it I was hard pushed to keep up at times. Extremely windy today!
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