Russell’s ride from East Malling to Pembury 1/8/18

01/08/2018 18:32 | Anonymous member

A lovely warm morning attracted 19 riders for a start from East Malling.Russell opted to lead,and we welcomed his son Josh,who has just finished University. Trying to maintain 3 Groups,the outward bound took the riders through West Malling,Crouch and up Gover Hill,before the descent of Mathews Lane and then bypassed Hadlow.It then carried on through Golden Green and the outskirts of Tonbridge on to the new cycle path towards Pembury.A slight GPS hiccup  and a bit of off roading through woods took them into Pembury and onto the stop at Pepenbury cafe,near Tunbridge Wells.Although Russell had notified the cafe,there was only one member of stafff having to do everything,so inevitability service was extremely slow,and riders ,including Angie were having to help the overworked lady out with fetching and carrying of drinks and food.Eventually the group set off again,and Russ led them out on cycle route 18 to Matfield.Unfortunately,a section of the group got split up from the main party,but nothing lost as most knew the way generally.,and all met up again at the top of Kenward Hill. By then riders were really starting to drop off,and following the climb of Red Hill,Wateringbury ,only half remained and continued to the start.A distance of about 36 Miles at about 12.5 mph average. Thanks Russ for taking the lead


  • 01/08/2018 21:55 | Anonymous member
    Thanks Russell for an interesting ride today and thanks to Angie and Bridget for mucking in at the cafe. Actually it was a carbon copy of the Velo Forte's ride last Saturday only the places and names were changed to protect the innocent!
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  • 02/08/2018 08:01 | Anonymous member
    Thank you Russell for the latest of your magical mystery tours. And thanks to the ladies helping out too.
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