A blustery ride out from Chestnut Street to Minster. 16/5/18

16/05/2018 15:27 | Anonymous member

An overcast but dry  morning welcomed 14 riders at Chestnut Street.It is probably not the best of ideas to head out to the Island,with a brisk northerly wind blowing,but ha ho!,and no one made any muttering,so off they went with Richard sometimes in front.Good to have Ian Alcock,join for an occasional outing,and congratulations to Brigitte for turning up,after her epic 100 miler last Sunday. The outward bound was a much used passage to Rainham and Upchurch,where they met some San fairy Ann members,who were out with a walking group,before going into a blustery head wind onto th Island,to reach the cafe stop at Barton Point,Minster.From being empty,the poor young assistant,suddenly had 14 hungry souls to look after with very little help,but the service and value was excellent.The wind really seemed to pick up,and a brief look at the rough sea at the Leas,even made Lisa think twice about taking a dip.The upside was that the return was mainly wind assisted,which enabled the flyers,Ralph,and the two Ian’s to hurtle along the Sheppey Way back to the Queensferry bridge,before regrouping.The remaining leg was a bit more sedate,through Iwade and Newington before another dash to the finish,from Danaway to Chestnut Street. A distance of 34 miles at about 14 mph for the faster ones!.without incident.

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