Russell and Groups date with Georgina. 24/1/18

24/01/2018 16:28 | Anonymous member

What a stalwart bunch some of the Midweekers are.On a really windy and rainy morning,7 still managed to get to Lenham for a date with Georgina.( the storm that is). Russell ,together with Andy W. Chris G. Chris M,Tony P,Brian and Gerry,  battled off and headed to the cafe at Wye,or as Russ said Wye Not! A traditional route and getting back just before the heavens opened. but still slushing through the puddlesA distance of 32 miles .Well done super heroes.I feel like a proper wimp now.!


  • 24/01/2018 20:56 | Anonymous member
    Very commendable those riders, real men. Having been thoroughly soaked and frozen to the bone last Saturday I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again. Note to self; must improve my wet weather gear. Ralph
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    • 24/01/2018 23:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
      Started off with me arriving and finding just Andy in the car park. Obvious discussions about our sanity and me, courageous as always, suggesting breakfast in Lenham. When 5 more turned up including Mike G who cycled in from West Maidstone I decided to lead us out to Charing and if going well to persevere onto Wye or even Smeeth. Took in Charing, Westwell and Boughton Aluph on way out and chose Wye as our turning point. Took a vote on the return. Go back the way we came or go on one of my mystery tours. Vote for the latter so Goddington, Hothfield. Little Chart, Pluckley and Egerton all visited. Gerry getting the puncture of the day at Boughton Malherbe before our return through a well flooded Old Ham Lane. Back before the rain really came down. 11.4 mph, 1874 feet and 32 miles.
      Sorry you believed the forecast. Richard. We missed you.
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      • 25/01/2018 09:30 | Anonymous member
        Thanks for the updated report Russ. Congratulations to you all,especially Mike Griffiths,for cycling from home.Hope you didn’t get too wet. Mike if yo had to cycle back after
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