A dry dry from Chestnut Street. 10/1/18

10/01/2018 15:36 | Anonymous member

On a day that was dry,and with a hint of warmth in the sun,16 riders started from Chestnut Street,and with Richard leading headed off towards the Isle of Sheppey.Doing the usual route through Upchurch and Lower Halstow,but on the bridge approach,then turning back to Iwade .The road to Newington was closed, due to a large amount of fly tipped waste ,but it was ok to get around for cyclists.At Newington,the group was held up by a very large traveller type funeral courtage.Several with open backed vans decked with flowers and memorabilia.From there it was only a short distance to the break at the A2 Tuck Inn transport cafe.Always a great stop,and managing to get in just before it became fairly packed.On coming out,Russ had to leave for a meeting with the Maidstone cycling forum,and Philip also peeled off,as he hadn’t cycled recently.The return went off in a different direction to Queensdown Warren,where yet again the road was completely blocked,with fly tipped waste,necessitating the riders to carry their bikes around .(Please see the photo on the group photo section).it was then up to Bredhurst for a big loop on country lanes before returning to Bredhurst,and then into Parkwood,Rainham and the M2 services,before the descent to Hartlip.The final stages had a couple of hold ups with Chris Moon getting a slow puncture,Tony M having problems with a mudguard and with 100 yards from the finish Tony P also getting a puncture.A distance of 35 miles at about 12 mph average.

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