From Yalding to Tunbridge Wells.The hard way. 6/12/17

06/12/2017 15:58 | Anonymous member

A dry  mild morning ,and 17 riders ventured to the station car park,Yalding,briefly joining about 6 who do their weekly ride from there.Tunbridge Wells seemed like a good idea,so with Richard leading and informing the group tha it would be a bit of a lumpy windy route.Starting on the flat out to Tudeley,before getting up to Bidborough. via Vauxhall Lane.A bit of confusion there,due to the new road lay out,and workmen telling us about the cycle/ footpath being constructed that will go to Pembury.Must remember that for a future ride.The lumps continued after Bidborough Ridge,which must have some of the best views across the Weald,then onto Speldhurst,and into the Wells,via Langton Green.The stop was at the Calverly Park Cafe,,overlooking the ice rink ,which was very quiet as it was school time.service at the cafe was excellent,except I think they forgot Angie‚Äôs Soup.A flatter ride back was promised,which took the group out around the rear of Dunorlan Park to Pembury.From there to Five Oak Green and skirting Paddock Wood To Laddingford back to Yalding.A distance of 34.5 miles at about 12.5 mph average,without incident.It was good to have Andy T.V and Phil Gerry join  the ride.


  • 06/12/2017 22:22 | Deleted user
    Lovely ride Richard, on a picturesque and original route
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