Two rides from Wrotham 15/11/17

15/11/2017 16:42 | Anonymous member

When a really large group of 19 turned up at Wrotham,it was thought that it might be too many for a single cafe stop,so Ralph volunteered to lead an alternative ride,intending initially to go Poll Hill garden centre,and 6 others opted to join him.Very quickly however,it was thought that it was not far enough,so Del then took the lead and they went to Hawley garden centre.Uneventful except for Brian getting a puncture on the way back along the Knatts Valley,and a road closure further on,but Andy sweet talked the workmen to let them through.A distance of 30 miles at 13 mph average. Read more below

Richard led the other ride,and with a group of 12, headed off to Paddock Wood.Nice to have some new riders joining,ie Philip,Briget and Angie on her first Midweekers ride.The first part was a bit lumpy  going up to Ivy Hatch and Shipbourne,,before the flat of Hadlow,and  Tudeley to the Top Nosh cafe on the Transfesa estate.Amazing how some cafes  can be so great in service and value,without being phased by numbers.The return  took the group through Laddingford ,and Hadlow,then the lump of Gover Hill,where Peter got the days puncture,but Allan was on hand as always to help,and with the CO2 cartridge frightened Peter to think the tyre had burst,only Joking!.it was then a quick run back to Wrotham,,and the delight of Allan’s flapjacks.A distance of 37 miles at about 13 mph average.


  • 16/11/2017 11:56 | Anonymous member
    Thanks for a great ride Richard, a 'dreich' day made good by the route and company.
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