Chestnut St to Capstone Country Park. 6/9/17

06/09/2017 16:37 | Anonymous member

A nice group of  12,Ray,Brian,Steve,Rebecca,Tim, Ian,Sarah,Gary,Steph,Tony H and Phil,joined Richard who led on a pleasant morning from Chestnut Street.The outward route went to Bobbing,and Newington,before crossing the A2,and up Meresborough Road to Farthing Corner services.It continued on with a big loop around Bredhurst,before the cafe break at Capstone Country Park,which proved a nice stop sitting outside.It was then back up the hill of Pear Tree Lane to Hempstead,in fairly heavy traffic,before sliding off again onto the track that leads up to Darland Banks and the A2 Gillingham.Itwas then on the cycle path down Iro Hito way to Lower Rainham Road,and Upchurch,where the lanes were chocker blocked due to an accident on the A2.,but the beauty of bikes allowed us to get past the congested traffic.It was then up to Upchurch,where  Sarah dropped off,and we lost Gary and Steph,who were trailing and just followed Sarah instead of the group,so they made their own way back.The final leg was through Newington,with a dash on the Danaway Road back to the start.Thankyou Gary for looking after Steph,who is still quite new to cycling A distance of 30 miles,at about 12.2 mph average,with a lot of lumps thrown in.

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