Harrietsham to Oare

28/06/2017 19:39 | Anonymous member

Seven Midweekers assembled at Dickley Lane car park. Once the group realised that it was leaderless Ralph offered to lead the group to the Oase cafe at old Romney. However Sarah had already planned at route to Oare. We headed off to Stede Hill but took the wrong right turn. After that first mistake the group found themselves in the lap of the Gods. However the Gods were not pleased and after only 4.5 miles we had suffered 7 punctures. As time elapsed and Andy was suffering an annoying slow puncture the group collectively decided to have the cafe stop at Rodmersham, allowing Andy to mend his puncture. After the welcome cafe stop (even Steve got what he wanted) we set off to Oare. Well into the afternoon Steve and Andy needed to get back by three o'clock. Ralph decided to abandon the Oare destination and turn the ride homeward via Teynham and Doddington on good fast roads to get the lads back in time. At Teynham Ralph got the tenth puncture of the ride. However Steve and Andy did make it back in time. I have no idea what the stats are and quite frankly I was passed caring. A day best forgotten. Come back Richard!


  • 28/06/2017 21:11 | Anonymous member
    Oh my goodness,what a ride it must have been.Thankyou so much Ralph for the report,and Rachel and Andy for the pictures which are on the group photos.It will certainly be one to talk about on future rides.Looks like Allan's puncture repair skills came in handy,albeit real team efforts all around I bet.
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  • 03/07/2017 09:54 | Anonymous member
    Make that 11 punctures because I found out later that I had a slow puncture on the front.
    Well the coffee at the cafe was good and the sun came out briefly, and that's about it really.
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