From Chestnut Street t to the island 14/6/17

14/06/2017 15:35 | Anonymous member

A gloriously warm morning greeted 11 riders at Chestnut Street,and a trip to the coast was inevitable.Taking a tried and trusted route,Richard led out via the usual haunts of Hartlip,Upchurch and Lower Halstow into a fairly strong head wind,which kept the temperature down.The ride continued onto the Isle of Sheppey to Halfway before getting to Minster and the lovely stop at Barton's Point.Sitting out on their veranda overlooking the lake was most enjoyable,as was the good service,quality and price of the food..Looking forward to having the wind trailing on the return,it was first off to the Leas,at Minster,to take a peek at the sea,and Sarah,in all honesty wishing she could take a swim.I would have had the camera very close at hand if she did.!Anyway,it was then off the island and without incident returning via Iwade and Bobbing back to the start.A distance of 33 miles at 13.5 average speed.


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