A misty and murky ride 25/1/17

25/01/2017 15:58 | Anonymous member

After several clear frosty mornings,the Wrotham start was cold ,misty and very dull,but at least above freezing.Eight riders decided to get some much needed exercise in,and Richard set off intending to go to Riverhead.Before long however,Geoff got a puncture ,which was a bit troublesome and took quite a time to mend,especially with cold fingers.Why do we try and use the plastic tyre levers on narrow road bike tyres!.Thankfully  Les had some metal ones,which did the job much quicker,even though they ended up bent(Poundland specials).,so it was decided to cut the outward bound route short and get warmed up at the Otford Pond cafe.The day remained very miserable,but the mist seemed a bit clearer,so it was decided to take a longer way back  ,out to Shoreham ,Eynsford and Farningham,before the little chug up the Knatts Valley road ( thanks Ralph for taking the lead) then to Wrotham.A distance of only 22.5 miles averaging just 11.3 mph.


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