A cold ride on 18/1/17

18/01/2017 15:58 | Anonymous member

Well 2016 may have been the warmest year on record,but the temperature for the ride from Snodland certainly didn't reflect it.In fairness the sky was blue and clear,but frost and ice still lay following a very cold night.Unperturbed,6 male riders turned up dressed like Mr Blobby,and with Richard leading set off for the break at Poult Wood  Golf course It wasn't long before Gary was shouting that it was -2.7 degrees,and regular warnings from the front about ice Out through Birling,Ryarsh,Offham and Crouch..All went well however until Plaxtol,when Allan took a dive on ice at a bend,scraping his thigh,so very cautiously the group carried with sniffing noses to the stop.A lovely warm break,but inevitably the outer clothes were donned again for the return and it wasn't long before Allan came a cropper again on black ice,taking Bob with him into the slush.Fortunately no damage to person or bike this time.Continuing on,thereafter without incident back to Snodland via Hadlow,Mereworth and  Kingshill,with the temperature according to Gary raising to an impressive 2 degrees.A shortish ride of only 27 miles at a very steady 11 mph average,climbing 1500 feet.


  • 18/01/2017 19:27 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Very brave souls indeed. Hope Allan and Bob are ok.
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  • 18/01/2017 22:50 | Anonymous member
    Thanks for your support today, Bob and I are auditioning for Dancing on Ice!!
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