The Club, which was founded in 1922, just loves cycling. We have an enviable sporting reputation, locally, nationally and even internationally, plus many off-the-bike social events.

We also offer group rides to cyclists of all abilities, in and around Maidstone and the Weald. 

We want riders to gain maximum enjoyment from their group rides whether highly energetic or social. All riders do so at their own risk but experience shows that adherence to these rules and etiquette will create the safest possible environment in which we can all enjoy our cycling.

The rules and advice incorporate long standing practices and will be familiar to all experienced riders. Whilst they have been drawn up to help members who have never ridden in a group we would like everyone to make a point of reading and following them.

We have taken the opportunity to include items of general advice that may help new or relatively inexperienced cyclists.

The 'Rules & Etiquette for riding in groups' can be viewed and downloaded 

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