COVID-19 compliant D ride 25/3/20

25/03/2020 11:18 | Anonymous member

A jointly led very mini D ride comprising only 2 riders – Lisa and Sarah BV. 

We arranged to have a What’s App call at 12.30pm.  SBV set off from Marden to Yalding (combining exercise with a shop = compliant).  Destination: bench near Teapot Island (which is closed).  Lisa set off from Bearsted to The Downs. Destination: scenic picnic spot.  Both in our own attire. SBV in pretty coral and Lisa in a soft feminine pink. Read on ...

Both ride leaders enjoyed incident free rides. In fact, the reduced traffic made cycling a dream during these difficult times.  Waved to other single cyclists and the odd socially-distancing walker and horse rider en route.  We had a call that lasted a mere 1 hour 25 mins.  Male riders might like to spend less time sorting out the country, government policy, financial aid, men in general, children and pets. Who knows? But clearly we had enough material!! We then said farewell (phone batteries at 20%!) and continued on the rest of our rides.         

We call this the “Remote Rider Buddy” programme It doesn’t matter who rides to where from where. You’re doing it alone.  Find a buddy, agree a time, have a call.   It’s a café stop … but not as we know it.   And it was lovely!  SBV – 23 miles, 627 feet. Lisa – 26 miles, 1882 feet (show off!)

Yours - SFA compliantly, SBV and Lisa x


  • 25/03/2020 19:20 | Anonymous member
    How lovely to see that you and Lisa are making the best of our current circumstances. Knowing you both the Buddy phone call could have lasted all day or until the batteries completely died. Thankyou for sharing the very humorous details with our other Group members. Take care xx
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