D Group ride: Lenham to Headcorn - 7th March 2020

07/03/2020 17:14 | Anonymous member

John Blakeley led a group of sixteen from Lenham, luckily on a dry day. After so much wet weather recently there were fears we would be swimming the route rather than cycling!  The main difficulty at the start of the ride was for John to divide the large group into two equal groups, luckily Chris came to the aid of John and helped him out with his sums.  The group headed towards Charing Heath, Egerton and then on to the coffee stop at Headcorn.

The Kingsbury Coffee Lounge were very accommodating and re-arranged the tables so that the entire group could sit together.  After the break the group was reduced to twelve (that is 6 in each group John!) and then headed off to the main challenge of the day, Ulcombe Hill.  Everyone made it up the hill successfully and it was then a short ride back to the start.

Distance 29.5 miles, average speed 11.9 mph and elevation 1247ft.


  • 07/03/2020 17:44 | Anonymous member
    Thankyou so much John for the prompt report.and for leading such a large group successfully .
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