We are seeing in SFACC unaccompanied young persons wishing to ride with us and some becoming Club Members. In the past, we have had many young persons ride with us but in most cases they have been accompanied and often relatives of established Club Members. 

Where young persons under 18 (Young Person) are unaccompanied then it is necessary that we comply with the conditions of our insurers British Cycling which can be summarised as follows and these rules apply to both Club Members and non-members:-

  1. A Parental/Guardian Consent Form must be completed and given before any Young Person may ride with SFACC whether a Club Member or not – if a Club Member then this will have been registered with the memsec at time of joining, if not then it is to be given to the Ride Leader on the day.
  2. In addition, a completed ICE Card giving details of name, address, mobile number and parental contact number in the event of emergencies must be completed and given to the Ride Leader before riding with the club. This is to be returned on the completion of the ride.
  3. Where the above conditions at 1. and 2. are fully complied with and the Young Person is unaccompanied by their Parent Guardian then the Ride Leader can then choose to take such a rider on their ride but it is to be noted that the Ride Leader has a responsibility to all the Members of the ride not just the unaccompanied Young Person so other Responsible Adults must be involved to take care of the Young Person or take over the Group in case of Emergency.
  4. At no time may the Young Person be left with just one Responsible Adult.
  5. The Young Person whether a Club Member or not, is actually not insured and must therefore provide proof if not a Club Member to the Ride Leader on the day that he/she is insured for third party risks by membership of either Cycling UK (formerly known as the CTC or Cycle Touring Club) or British Cycling – this would normally be done by producing a current membership card. Club Members would have provided such proof to the memsec when applying for and being granted Club Membership.
  6. The Parent/Guardian must accept that they will be responsible for collecting any Young Person who is unable to complete the ride for any reason and also, must collect them in timely fashion at the end of a ride РSFACC is not a cr̬che.

I would stress that the above rules do apply to all Young Persons under the age of 18 and as such, in order to protect both Club Members and SFACC positions we need to be careful that we follow them with due diligence. 

We all know how disappointing it is to tell keen youngsters no, we cannot take you but we live in a litigious and different society to the one that most of us grew up with and cycled in and hence why we need to follow the rules. 

Ultimately, it is up to the parents/guardians to find out what they need to do in order for their Young Person to ride on a scheduled Club Run with SFACC – in essence, they only need to contact us for help and assistance.

Thank you for your time in reading this notice and please discuss widely amongst your group ride members so that everyone is aware of its existence and scope.

Parental Consent Form

Parental consent is required for unaccompanied riders under the age of 18 years.  A parental consent form may be downloaded HERE. Please complete the form and return to the Membership Secretary 
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